Tuesday, July 15, 2008


for a little respite, for a litte relief

for a short-term vacation

for long-term beliefs

the world is spinning us all upside down on our heads

and id rather be traveling but im working instead

i make the world brighter

i play as hard as i can

but in the end my loans and rent are at hand

if i subletted my apt

for more than i pay

i could quite my job

and sail the bay

pay my loans with the extra around

and get the fuck

right out of town

but i love nyc

and i love the life

and its silly to bitch and act like there's strife

working is working

and im lazy it seems

but ill work through it and continue to beam

but weekend get-a-ways are essential

until i can take a trip more monumental

Hawaii perhaps when winter comes round

and Bali too

if the funds can be found.

cheers and travel and building new**

much less slacking for me and for you.