Tuesday, November 18, 2008

First Flurries

First flurries flutter freely from the sky. Buildings stand tall as the individual flakes float and fly in swirls down the streets.

Yay Winter!



Monday, November 17, 2008

Coconut. . is the answer

But what is the question you may ask. .. EVERYTHING.

I dont depend a lot on product. .. .but every winter since moving to the east coast I have always treated myself to the nicest facial moisturizer I can find. . to avoid my face becoming reptilian and peeling away from the dryness.

This year. . the product was 10.99 came in a jar of 16 ounces and is organic and natural. . It is virgin coconut oil!!

I use it in my hair like hair mud, i use it all over my body as lotion, i use it in my mac n cheese as a butter subsititute. I drink coconut water to feel refreshed and hydrated and it really is the best thing these days i have decided.

During WW II and still to this day in countries where necessary medical equipment is in short supply they use coconut water intravaneously.

"The researchers report that coconut water is high in potassium, chloride, and calcium, and might be indicated in situations calling for increases in these electrolytes. So even though money doesn't grow on trees, medical supplies sometimes do."

So if you are ever pondering the answer. . . know that perchance it truly is COCONUT!!


Wow I was walking to work today and the orange fall leaves on the ground were spray painted red. So cool.