Friday, February 27, 2009

strengths and weaknesses

I have always been the type of girl to jump right in. I am not shy. I do not hold back. . . most of the time anyhow. I often feel that I am more ahead of my game than I should. . .this is both a strength and a weakness as it encourages me to rush through the moment I am at to the point and goal I initially perceived. This is quite possibly the mindset that allowed me to reach through my differences growing up, to see beyond them and move past them, before they entirely paralyzed me. However, its also the same mentality that skips the "journey" part of each lesson and task. Which is not the best idea. . . like i am so not into starting at beginner level things. . . even when I am in fact. . .a beginner. Then i get to the end and dont know these basic elementary points. . . and its because. . .duh duh duh!! I skipped them all. Silly girl.

Soooo Im just taking a moment to own up to that as it washed over me yesterday and i was quite enlightened by it. . and realized that i need to put more work into the moment. . . into most moments. . so as my talents and strengths grow i will be present for the work it took to get ther and in the end will have a fuller, richer, and more long lasting impression.

Much love and creation~