Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day to Day

Hello folks in the day to day I have been dreaming up new ways to make a name for myself and most notably, pay my loans from graduate school quicker. It has turned out that despite it awarding me a life of fun and amazing adventures. .. i do actually feel burdened by the amount of digits following the dollar sign on my monthly statement.

Sooo I have resolved to start busking. I will be busking a few times a month in public parks and I hope to see you there. I also hope this will inspire me to have new costumes, exciting ideas, and big connections.

I am also working on some small musical projects and looking for collaboraters.

Much love and excitement.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Playa dreams actualized

Made it back safe and sound from a land far away out in the dessert. I dreampt up sunrises and sunsets and golden dragons with killer sounds and glitchy lovely beats to carry me through duststorms and mimosas with style and peace.

Footsteps, fire blasts, flame throwers and more. Catchin up with old friends galore.

Adventures never seem to cease, from west coast to east.

Thank you to my friends new and old for the love and amazingness our minds can hold.



Saturday, August 8, 2009

Catch Up

Sooo life has been in hyperspeed for the last few months. All is well and exciting. I began showing my photography again and it went quite well have 6 pieces up in a show in brooklyn and 2 pieces up in a show in Manhattan. They were from my collection taken in my home town after Hurricane Ike.

You can preview the prints here:

But I must say they do look even more lovely printed on vinyl and blow up to 32 X 40

I will be showing them one more time before the year is out so I will keep you posted*

I am still performing Circus Theatre and Spectacle with Lady Circus. We were booked and sponsored to perform at Bonnaroo this year in Tennessee with the Mickey Western Band and it was such a blast! We made the front page of the Bonnaroo News Paper in true Lady Circus fashion! There is a beautiful video with Mickey and friends here on You tube!

Lady Circus was also in amNY yesterday morning for their weekend edition. You can check out our website at

My favorite gig as of late was as a stilting back-up dancer for T-Pain at the Nokia theatre in Times Square

Photo by Chris Carr (C) 2009

Kaleidoscope 2.0 did happen indeed and was soooo lovely and beautious. About 400 people ran through up over and through the boroughs of NYC, pinwheels in hand, riding trams having picnics, performing amazing aerial off of fire escapes, spinning fire on the water in Dumbo and catching a chartered ferry to governors island. It was quite an unraveling of events throughout the evening. Full of suprise and wonder.

Photostreams can be viewed here:

Next up on the -=ali* adventure is that Im going to Portland next weekend for my good friends Paul and Moira's Wedding. Congratulations guys! Im really excited to see their blossoming (you should see their garden) new life of love and nature out in Oregan!

Then Miss Black Rock City 2007 will be returning to her home on the playa for a few a days, with a short stint in sf and a day in Tahoe hopefully, along the way! Im soo excited to see new friends and old and enjoy these last moments of extended summer.

Much love folks and Ill be updating more often with details, pictures, poems and love.



Friday, February 27, 2009

strengths and weaknesses

I have always been the type of girl to jump right in. I am not shy. I do not hold back. . . most of the time anyhow. I often feel that I am more ahead of my game than I should. . .this is both a strength and a weakness as it encourages me to rush through the moment I am at to the point and goal I initially perceived. This is quite possibly the mindset that allowed me to reach through my differences growing up, to see beyond them and move past them, before they entirely paralyzed me. However, its also the same mentality that skips the "journey" part of each lesson and task. Which is not the best idea. . . like i am so not into starting at beginner level things. . . even when I am in fact. . .a beginner. Then i get to the end and dont know these basic elementary points. . . and its because. . .duh duh duh!! I skipped them all. Silly girl.

Soooo Im just taking a moment to own up to that as it washed over me yesterday and i was quite enlightened by it. . and realized that i need to put more work into the moment. . . into most moments. . so as my talents and strengths grow i will be present for the work it took to get ther and in the end will have a fuller, richer, and more long lasting impression.

Much love and creation~