Thursday, June 12, 2008

Night walk through Brooklyn

Fresh glisten of broken glass
marks one more stereo for the hood

Ice cream truck plays sweet
children's siren songs
past dark plus bass lines
as parentless youth
run for their fix

The droning crosswalk sign
blinks on the distance
Bringing into focus
my shadow looking back at me
Each detail to a T
hair flipped out Patty Duke style
staring back at me from the
gum stain splattered sidewalk

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

summer breeze

Cool breezes sneak under one-hundred year old concrete as it absorbs the sun rays from 146 million km away. I make my way gently and serenely, gliding from shadow to shadow.

A beautiful summer day in a city that slaves around the clock. I hope I am not the only one to take notice and enjoy it for the time being. Floral bouquets line shop windows, blades of grass sneak through slabs of concrete to reach out to the universe around it. Roots grip tight to hidden gravestones and non-decomposing goods from the early 20th century, which added miles to Manhattan.

Store fronts are swept and hosed down each morning to wash away the urine and excretions of humans and their pets from the full 24 hours before. I always know when Im late because the flower shop on University place is already cleaned up and ready to go . . .by the time I should be at work.

Coffee brewed by the cup by groovy californian espresso-master creates smiles and eye opening to all of the people who took the time to duck into the 4 square feet of customer space on 7th street. Sweet little thing, frothy and delecious, perks up my taste buds and my morning.

Breathe in breezy breaths
for a moment that doesn taste the taint of pollution
only the cool refreshment of past summer rain

The experience washes away the gruesome ending of last night where the 1/4inch side tip of my finger was ripped from my hand.

sauntering into work 2.5 hours late to deal with the pain and the clotting has made a genuine improvement to my day.

Cheers and wellness folks.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tired little fingers

So i ve been type type typing away entering artists onto a database for Figment 2008 which will be an amazing three day art event out on Governor's Island ( the lil abandoned ex military base between manhattan and brooklyn) the last weekend in June 6/27, 6/28, and 6/29.

I am currently their Performance Curator and it is definitely one of the largest creative responsibilities of my life. I have to say though I am so impressed by the multitude of people that donate a significant amount of their time to make Figment 2008 happen.

It will be a roller coaster of art, performance, installations, music, and amazingness**

Anyone in or around NYC should definitely come check it out, especially because it is totally FREE. Everyone is volunteering their time and talent. . no busking, no tips, no vending. Free cultural experience open to all ages.

It will be pretty spectacular**




Friday, June 6, 2008

Me and Mike D

Woot woot*

So I totally had a hula hoop gig last night that allowed me to meet Mike D** Yay* I am super exhausted though come now, 830 am, and a have a very full weekend a head of me. Sometimes life so so fun though that sleep takes second place***


The city left the lights out this am
with slight mist
to soften the feel

i made my way through the caverns of cement
and yielded to the wheel

the city sang of birds this a.m.
the road it shone with glory

Hula hoops and dance parades
and many other stories

My head did raise
my feet did walk
and i joined the day

but dreamland is waiting for me
and my mind is on its way

Eyes they burn
but if i didnt tell you you wouldnt know
and the day feels long
but only cause im moving slow

by the time i get anywhere safe to nap
it will be time to bump and grind
and bring the action back

so three concerts later
some time late tonight
or maybe even come early morn'
and with the break of tomorrows first light
is when my lil sleepy eyes
will finally get some rest
and for a short moment
ill finally have completed my quest.

much love and admiration folks~



Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I hate cancer

Truly truly do. I hate cancer so much. I am a SLP (speech-language pathologist) and I work acute care (i.e., people who are out of the ER but not well enough to go anywhere) and this includes head and neck cancer. . .and many other types of cancer actually as when disease strikes the body you lose your quickness in natural reflexes. . .which believe it or not folks. . .includes SWALLOWING** So, yes, I am a swallow specialist. . .that hates cancer.

It is difficult to watch so many of my patients fluctuate in their wellness. . . via the treatment to kill the cancer. It is hard to walk in a room and realize that my patient is dying, and to console their mother who does not want her 53 year old child to die before her, or to comfort the wife who is losing her husband, or to comfort the patient. . .who as long as they haven't gone into encephalopathy or the cancer hasnt spread to their brain yet . . . is all too aware of the situation at hand.

I will say it again. I hate cancer. I have seen xrays where masses engulf the esophagus and move it over to the shoulder blade and rip wholes in intestines and eat away the brain. I have seen mets to the bones that left one of my patients with over 48 fractures just from moving and walking around. I have had patients look me dead pan in the face as the contrast i give them comes out there nose and say, "This is Cancer."

We are not disillusioned; we are aware, I am disgustingly aware as my patients get younger and younger. I am nervous and I am worried. I am paranoid and have nightmares. . . because. . . i hate cancer.

When I was little my favorite finger was my pinky finger on my left hand. Weird, I know, but true. Then one day I got thrown off a wild-boar-hunting horse. . .and my boot got stuck in the stirrup and i saw the reigns bouncing in front of me and I wrapped my hand around the reigns and became one with the horse. I pulled myself up and laid down on the horse. . .who then dropped its head and wiped me off on a branch. I am only lucky I hit the branch as hard as I did because it knocked my foot loose from the stirrup... but where i had the reigns wrapped around my hand. . . broke that little favorite finger of mine. . . and since then it taught me not to play favorites .. .or you may lose them.

i feel this way about cancer. . I fear that I hate it so much and that it upsets me so much that perhaps i am even more susceptible.

Depending on the type of cancer it could be. .. and all the things I have seen. . . I think that there is a good chance I wouldnt fight it. . . but I would take all my money. . .and if I were broke id take a loan and id go on one big long vacation until i couldnt go anymore. Rather then spend 400,000 dollars going through chemo and radiation and stomach tubes and laryngectomees and resections and poison and dissappointment. . . rather than fighting the good fight i would perhaps take the money and run.

perhaps i would think differently if i were truly in that situation. . . but I do hope for my own good. . .that i never half to make such decisions.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


I have to say folks I am spinning in deluxe energy left over from the ghost rhythms of insanity, minimal techno, some hot ass dubstep and some crazy breakcore. The party of the party has been found**

To all my dear ones that have yet to make it to Mutek please put it in your priorities for next year because I saw each and everyone of you there rocking out in my head. YOU WOULD ALL GO BONKERS. from Modeselektor to Nôze, knifehandchop to half hawaii to flying lotus. . .to kode 9 and space ape deeming my friend a "Soldieress" to music panels on copyright law and creativity. . this was a full 4 days of music education and frenzy. Dancing in the park in the rain on the river across from downtown, dancing in crazy megaclubs with an onslaught of bass taking over your body, moving despite lack of sleep and exhaustion because, yes, it is just that good.

I encourage each and everyone one of you to at least check out Mutek and if so inclined send in submissions for music and visuals for next year. I will say that while their music was hot hot hot the live visual piece could use some remodeling. When I look through still pictures the visuals look like they were amazing. . . but in real time a lot of the images were repeated and visually became stale. Well. . .except for modeselektor cause they brought their own visuals guy.

Go rock out and love you all and see you soon*


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Miss Black Rock City 2007
Miss Everything to Infinity